Home Bookkeeping Lite

Home Bookkeeping Lite 5.2

It is a visual and functional program for managing the home budget
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Home Bookkeeping Lite is a visual and functional program for managing the home budget.

Main Features:

- Debts/credits records (Keep records of money borrowed and money lent, interest rates, reminders, etc.)
- Planning (Allows you to plan/schedule your nonrecurring and recurring incomes/expenses)
- Budget (Drawing up the expense/income budget)
- Print (Allows you to print any data)
- Powerful report system (Can create various groupings, etc.)
- Charts (Using charts, you can visualize the information displayed in the reports)
- Search and filtering (Using quick search you can find any record. After you have found a desired record, you can turn on the filter to display other records that fit the specified search string)
- Currency conversion
- Data export (Using this feature, you can export desired information to files of various formats: Word, Excel, Access, HTML, Text, etc.)
- Data import (Data import from Microsoft Excel files and from QIF files (Quicken Interchange Format))
- Synchronization PC (Allows you to synchronize Home Bookkeeping databases on different computers)
- Synchronization PPC (Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on a PPC)
- Data transfer (If Home Bookkeeping is used by two users or more, this feature allows you to transfer records from one username to another)
- Database clearing (Allows you to delete unwanted or out-of-date information from your database over any specified period of time)
- Portable license (It allows you to install Home Bookkeeping on a removable device (for example, on a flash drive or on a removable hard drive) and work with it on various computers from this removable device without additional registration on every computer)
- Auto startup scheduler (Allows you to manage Home Bookkeeping's auto startup. Create a startup schedule and Home Bookkeeping will automatically load at the specified days and time.)

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